28 Romantic Quotes & Message For Your Relationship Life

28 Romantic Quotes & Message For Your Relationship Life, it will help your relationship live good and amazing always.

Falling asleep why holding your phone on your hands, I want to be the reason it happens.

The way u talk, way u walk, way u say my name’s. It’s wonderful and beautiful, I would wish u never change.

Before u close does eye’s, I want to be the one u call late night and the one you dial when you still open does cute eye’s.

I want to hold hands with u, laugh to your jokes, always walking by ur side. Staring at does cute eye’s, talking whatever, be the to kiss does lips every day.

28 Romantic Quotes & Message For Your Relationship Life

Believe it or not… I wanna spend the rest of my fucking life with u.

Open your heart to me, tell me ur sad when u are, don’t say u are good when u are bad, when am with u never say u are alone.

Whenever people ask me how is life, I would look at them and say she’s fine.

I don’t need to waste time going far whenever I miss u; looking into my heart there I will always find u.

Holding hands together we would both conquer the would

No one has ever pierced me until now. You’ve pierced my heart.

U hugging me without asking is d perfect hug I have ever received.

Amazing smile, amazing face. U are an amazing someone I can’t replace. I luv u and I will always, bcuz u have filled a space in my heart no one can.

Living without my friends, family, and money is nothing, but I can’t live without you.

No matter how far we are from each other, u will always be in my little heart.

28 Romantic Quotes & Message For Your Relationship Life

Saying hi or even a smile from u, I get the best filling in the world, even if it just for a seconds I crossed ur mind.

Looking into ur eye’s, it’s enough to lighting up my whole world, I don’t need the sun to do dat.

D reason am in love with u, bcuz I see the world in ur eye’s and ur eye’s in everywhere in d world.

Sweetness is d kind of feeling which make u call ur lover sweetheart, but not d sweetness in sugar or honey.

D first day we meet, I sent an angle to watch over u. but d angle came back and said to me angles don’t watch over angles.

From all d stars I have ever seen, no one is cute like ur eye’s.

Spending few hour’s with u, is worth spending thousand’s of hours without u.

If it okay with u, can I stare at u for some minutes, I would want to a capture ur face for my dreams.

Me hugging my pillow last night, I’d dreamt about u. I hope and wish for one day to remember about this day as I’d be hugging u.

As broken as a mirror when u look close to it u are still in it. That how my love for u is.

I woke up this morning and seat on my bed, thinking of all the good this God has done for me, I thought of u and smile.]

U have no idea of how amazing it is to wake up every morning knowing u are mine and I’m yours.

We all have one heart. Mine has been give out to someone, which is u. could u please take care of it bcuz I have no heart anymore.

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