All Secrets in Facebook Messenger Football Game

All Secrets in Facebook Messenger Football Game: Are you a lover of games, not just any but Facebook games, well if you then you must have heard of Messenger football game? This game grants you access to a fun time experience with all friends and loved ones. You also get to enjoy challenging people from all over the world. So, in this article, I will not just be talking about the football game but all secrets in the Facebook messenger football game.

All Secrets in Facebook Messenger Football Game

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You get to enjoy playing the game anytime you wish to and also get to challenge top players from different locations in the world. The game has so many amazing features that you do not want to miss out on. So, if you have not played the game yet then start playing it because you are missing out on the fun.

What the Facebook Messenger Football Game all About?

The game is not so hard to play because it about hitting the ball up in the air and making sure it does not drop to the ground. So, your aim is to make sure that you keep hitting the ball up in the air, so you have to be fast and sharp about all your decisions. The only hard part of the game is obtaining a high score and being at the top. There are so many good players so, if you can manage to be the best, you’re a very good player.

All Secrets in Facebook Messenger Football Game & Hack

If you think being at the top is very hard, then there is another way to get to the top without being a very good player. To know the steps on how to become the best in the game keep on reading because I will be stating some hacks in the game. steps to hacking your game are stated below:

  • First, download the game killer app from the play store or apple store, to begin with.
  • Then open the Facebook messenger football game.
  • Follow the tricks I will be stating below as you play to gain a high score.
  • Dribble once.
  • Open the game killer app you downloaded and then click auto-identify.
  • Wait till it is done then click Unpause.
  • Go back to your game.
  • Dribble the second time twice.
  • Then open the game killer app again then enter your current score, and then repeat the same step you did the first time.

Keep on doing that repeatedly and in no time, you would have a new high score. So that is how you hack the Facebook messenger game.

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