Amazon Credit Card – How to Apply For An Amazon Credit Card

If you frequent Amazon for online shopping or whole foods then you definitely need the Amazon credit card if you don’t have one. Amazon is a company that doesn’t need an introduction anymore as it is already a household name when it comes to shopping online. Just last year, Amazon became the second company record a trillion-dollar net worth after Apple. Asides from using the Aws credit card for shopping, it also comes with some rewards. An Amazon cardholder will earn 3% cash back on Amazon purchases, 2% cash back at restaurants, gas stations and drugstores and also 1% on other regular purchases.

Amazon Credit Card

Applying for an Amazon credit card is as simple as applying for your local bank credit card. Aws requires cardholders to be 18 years of age, and 19 in some countries. In this article, we shall be discussing how to apply for an Amazon credit card.

How to Apply For An Amazon Credit Card

  1. To start with, go to the Amazon rewards visa signature card website and click on “apply”.
  2. Now, enter your login credentials if you already have an Amazon account, otherwise, you have to create one.
  3. Enter your personal information in the spaces provided – your name, date of birth, address and your annual net income. When you are done, click “continue to next step”.
  4. In this step, you are to enter your additional information which includes your phone number, email address, Social Security Number, your mother’s maiden name. Afterward, click on “continue to next step”.
  5. In this page, you are to review the additional information you entered in step 4 before you select your delivery method. In this page, you are to choose whether you would like to be part of the optional card security program. When you are done, click on “continue to next step”.
  6. Read and review the terms and conditions if you must, but when you are done. Click on the box to ensure you agree with all the terms and conditions of owning an Amazon credit card. When you are done, click on “submit” to process and complete your application.

Approval of your card may take up to a minute or a couple of weeks. Depending on the detailed review of your application by Synchrony Bank. The Bank that authorizes issuing of Amazon credit cards. Your Amazon visa signature card can be used anywhere that accepts visa, but note that you can redeem your rewards only at Amazon.