Candy Crush Soda – How to Download, Install & Play Candy Crush Soda King Games

The Candy crush Soda game is another amazingly awesome version of the game candy crush created by king. The game is just like an awesome upgrade of the original candy saga. This game has its own challenges just like the original candy crush saga Game. And the developer (king) has rebuilt and redesigned it to usher you with amazing challenges and fun, hence the name candy crush soda.

Candy Crush Soda

However, King developing this game was based on soda just as the name implies candy crush soda. Playing the game is fun as it is just with one objective. And it is filled up with candy and soda to make the field awesomely delicious.

Making the candy field fill with soda is the only way to pass a level and is the only way to get a high score. We would tell you everything you need to know on how to play and download candy crush soda king games from google play store to your mobile device.

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How to Play Candy Crush Soda Game

Play candy crush soda is easy, fun and challenging. Like I said in the previous paragraph, that to play the game, you need all you need to do is to fill up the candy field with soda, in other to do that, you have to make candy matches with soda bottles that match the color of candy you want to use, or use power-up that will affect the bottle causing the soda to get more filled.

Making Sodalicious Combination and power-ups

Making power-ups in candy soda is not different from its original candy saga game. There are two ways of making power-ups in the game, and they are:

Through a longer and different combination of candies: this aspect is the easy part of making powerups. You can make different types of power-ups through different combination pattern.

By a combination of two different or the same power-up: making different combinations of powerup combine the two properties and, use it in the game and making combinations of the same powerup creates more or cause more effect.

Tips on Playing

Playing this game might seem too easy at first, but becomes more challenging as you increase in levels.

  • The lesser the move you use in completing a level, the higher the score you get.
  • The higher you score, the higher you rank on the scoreboard
  • Using boosters makes your game easier
  • Combining power-ups cause a great deal of effect on the candy field
  • Special levels come with a different challenge.

How to Download Candy Crush Soda Game

Just like the other candy crush game, users can acquire candy soda game from Google play storeAppstore or any other gaming store for free. You can also get it from the official website which is

To download the Candy Soda game:

  • Search for it on any of the source you wish to download from using your mobile device.
  • Click on the “Install” icon, for the app to download.

How to Install Candy Crush Soda Game

  • After click on the “Install” icon on download the game app.
  • when the download is complete, the game will automatically install itself.

How Do I Uninstall Candy Crush Soda

It is very easy to uninstall the Candy Soda game, on any device you do make use of.

  • Hold on to the Candy Soda game app for android device.
  • then click on the “Uninstall” icon.

Then you will successfully uninstall the Candy Soda game on your mobile device. so same process for other mobile devices.

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