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Citi Rewards+ Card – How to Apply for Citi Rewards Plus Credit Card

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Citi Rewards+ Credit Card is the best Reward Credit Card that let you earn Reward points, when you purchase anything with your Citi Rewards Plus Credit Card. Citi Cardholders can redeem all their points, and spend them online making payment. Apply now, get approved later for you Citi Reward Plus card to earn 15 bonus points when you spend $1000 for purchasing with your Citi Card with the first 3 months. Citi rewards+ card offer every applicant with up to 2500 reward points for a welcome bonus.

Citi Rewards+ Card – How to Apply for Citi Rewards Plus Credit Card

The Citi Rewards+ Credit Card can also be called Citi Reward Plus Credit Card; it is Issued to users by Citibank. Cardholder get rewarded every time they make use of the Citicards to shop. However, you can accelerate your rewards to earn fast; the minimum is 1 reward point for every s$125 for every purchase you make with your Citi reward plus credit card. You can get 300 monthly bonus reward points for every purchase of INR 30,000 or more with your Citi card. You can keep collecting and redeem as many Evergreen reward points as you like, because Citi never offers reward point that expires.

Citi Reward Features

The Citi Rewards+ Credit card has three (3) top credit card features, which are; Citi Pay with Points, Citi PayLite, Citi Quick Cash, and Citi World Privileges.

  1. The Citi Pay with Points features allows cardholders to instantly redeem reward points via SMS, which can be used to purchase at stores where Citi card is acceptable.
  2. Cardholders can turn big purchase in small payment with Citi PayLite feature.
  3. With Citi Quick Cash, you can apply for loan and get approved instantly.
  4. Citi World give Citi rewards credit cardholder the privileges to get great deals and amazing discounts locally and in other 90 countries.

Benefits/Fee of Citi Rewards+ Credit Card

The Citi Reward Card has a lot of benefits, which comes after you apply for the Citi Card and get approved. The Citi Rewards+ Credit Card is mainly for Rewarding point to Citi Reward Plus Credit Cardholder after making purchase with their Card.

  1. For the first year of using the Citi reward card, you get benefit worth Rp4800+.
  2. Get Rp850 worth of points after you card activation.
  3. Rp2950 additional worth of points.
  4. Annual fee charges of Rp1000 plus taxes.
  5. Benefits that never allows you reward point to expire.
  6. With the help of Citi contactless card, you can pay with a simply tap.

How to Apply for Citi Rewards Plus Credit Card

Apply for your Citi Rewards+ Credit Card, and earn a welcome bonus reward up to 2500 points when you get approved. Begin your Citi Reward Plus Credit Card Application below;

  1. Go to Citi Reward Plus Credit Card site “Apply”.
  2. Click on the “Apply Now” button.
  3. On the Citi card application page.
Enter your Contact Details
  1. Provide your Email Address.
  2. Enter your Mobile Phone Number, 10 digits only.
  3. Enter your full name.
  4. From the question that says; “Do you have a Citibank Savings Account”? click to choose between “Yes” or “No”.
  5. Enter your preferred mailing address, either “Office” or “Residence”.
  6. Then tick on the box to agree to Citibank credit card term and conditions.
  7. Enter you “Coupon Code”.
  8. Then click on the “Submit” button.

After which your Application to get the Citi Reward plus Credit Card will be submitted for review, then approved. Then you can start making use of your Citi Rewards+ Credit Card to earn Citi reward points.

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