Diamond Access Bank Transfer Code – How to Transfer Money

With the help of the Diamond access bank transfer code, users don’t need to get to the ATM machine before they could transfer money to anyone. Diamond access bank users can now transfer money or funds with ease. Users can make use of any of their mobile device, even to their smallest mobile device like their small Nokia 3310 phone. Before a diamond access user can transfer money with in transfer code the user must first activate the code. The diamond transfer code is *426#.

Diamond Access Bank Transfer Code

How to Activate Your Transfer Code *426#

To activate the diamond access bank transfer code, there are personal details the user needs. Details like;

  • The phone number which was registered to your Diamond access bank account.
  • You will need your date of birth which you made use of when creating your bank account.
  • Also make sure you are with your Diamond access ATM card. You will be asked to enter the last Six (6) digits on the card.
  • Your account number.
  • And then you can know create you transfer pin.

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How to Transfer Money with Diamond Access Bank Transfer Code

Transferring money to a friend or family member is very easy and fast for any Diamond access bank user with the help of the transfer code. After you finish activating the transfer code, follow the below steps to make you transfer with the code.

  • Dial the code *426# to transfer money.
  • On the drop down menu, click on the type of transfer you want to do.
  • Then enter the amount on money you want to transfer.
  • Next, is to enter the beneficial account number, who you want to make transfer to.
  • Now is where you will need the availability of the transfer pin which you did create when activating you Transfer code.
  • Enter the pin to finalize the transfer.


Make use of the other Diamond Access bank transfer process.

  • Dial *426*Amount*Account Number#.
  • Then from the drop down menu, form all the displayed banks select the beneficiary bank.
  • Then enter your Transfer pin to finalize the transfer.

Note there are transfer limit to every Diamond access bank user.

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