Facebook Marketplace App On Android – Facebook Online Market Place Community Buy And Sell Near Me

As we all know what the Facebook platform is, a place where all kinds of people do come from far and near to interact with each other. Facebook is a social media platform which helps to connect people with the idea of buying and selling of items. As you can see Facebook has so many ways which it helps to connect people together making them happy and want to make use of the platform more. Well, we all know what a Facebook marketplace is, it what made the connecting of users, with the idea of buying and selling of items possible. This feature is now available on the Facebook application. Facebook has launched a marketplace app which allows any Facebook users to be able to buy and sell items on their mobile device.

Facebook Marketplace App

It is no different from the Facebook market place on the web browser with the Facebook marketplace on the mobile app. With this Facebook market place app, Facebook has just exploded the market place by winning the heart of buying and selling items online on a mobile device. Users can be anywhere and wish to buy or sell items on the Facebook market place with the Facebook app with ease. Users don’t need to get home first before they can make money while buying and selling on Facebook.

How to Buy and Sell on Facebook Marketplace App

When it comes to talking about the digital marketplace, Facebook marketplace app is number one. With the Facebook marketplace app, any Facebook users can trade, buy and sell items, in far and nearby place. The Facebook marketplace app has made a lot of users to connect with each other by buying and selling items to one another. On the marketplace app, sellers do list items for sale with a price tag for buyers to view and make a purchase.

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Buy With the FB Market Place App

  • After opening the Facebook app on your mobile device. Click on the Facebook marketplace icon at the top of the mobile homepage.
  • Then click on the categories button to view items or either search for items with the search bar.
  • When you have found what you want to buy, click on the item to view detail about the items.
  • You can then click on the message button to chat the seller for more detail about the item. And make a deal price with the seller.

Sell on the FB Market Place App

When you’re on the Facebook marketplace app on your mobile device, you will see a button “sell” click on it.

  • You will see a list of categories, select on the categories which you want to list your item on.
  • Then you will have to upload a photo for your item, for a buyer to know what you’re selling.
  • Enter a title for your item and the price tag for the amount you want to list your item for sale.
  • Then click on the Next button, and pick on any group you want to share your listed item to.