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Recently, Facebook has turned out to be a great place for businesses. Much commercial business is already using facebook platforms like Facebook groups and pages to promote their businesses. However, this is on the basis that both the buyer and the seller cooperate before sanctioning a deal (facebook stays out of the process).  Facebook tried to the transaction processes by creating a feature called marketplace. The feature however disappeared after it was handed over to oddly, a listing website. However, in 2016, facebook brought back the marketplace with a feature that allows users to buy and sell items in their locality. This appears to be the regulation Facebook is using to control the peer to peer selling activity which the site has already known for.

Facebook Marketplace

What is Facebook Marketplace

Facebook marketplace is a feature on facebook that allows users to discover, sell or buy items in their locality. Any product can be sold on facebook marketplace as far as it complies with the product policy. Facebook is trying to compete with other listing sites like eBay, craigslist, and Amazon. However, unlike other listing sites, facebook doesn’t participate in the shipping process or in financial transactions. A Facebook market place is only available to Facebook users who are 18 years or older in selected countries. And you can access the marketplace through the facebook app or facebook web if you are living in the selected locations by Facebook.

Facebook Marketplace is available to all android iPad users and users of iPhones. The marketplaces button is seen at the left-hand column of the Facebook web page. And at the top side of the facebook app on android or bottom of the Facebook app on Ions.

How to Search For Items on Facebook Marketplace

  • When you tap on the marketplace button. It opens up a page with photos of items you can buy in your area.
  • You can, however, search for a specific product using the search bar. Or browse through the categories of product available for sale.

How to Buy Items on Facebook Marketplaces

  • When you find the product that interests you, view the product details and the profile of the seller.
  • Once this is done, you can decide to make an offer for the product by clicking the “make an offer” button.
  • Alternatively, you can decide to engage directly with the seller on messenger. Both you and the seller will have to agree on the pricing, payment methods, and delivery process.

How to Sell on Facebook Marketplaces

  • If you want to sell any of your items on the marketplace. Take a photo of the item and upload it through the cameras roll.
  • Add other like description and price. People around you will be able to see the item when you post them.

How to Keep Track On My Items On FB Marketplaces

The Facebook marketplace has a section where you can track your items. When you open your item page you will see three tabs which will display a list of items you are selling, buying or other updates. With the tabs, you can know how many people want to buy your product or buy the same product you want to buy.

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