Facebook Quiz Planet – Download Quiz Planet for Android & On App Store

A picture, they say, is worth a thousand words. But with Facebook Quiz Planet, you are, to sum up, a number of photos by using ONE WORD. Isn’t that challenging and going to be fun? Given high-quality photos and animations, this addicting word photo game lets you guess a word that unites up to 1-4 photos on each level. Facebook quiz Planet game helps players test their knowledge, improve their creativity and put their friends and family up to some word challenge too. The game features albums of words that are based on different themes, ranging from countries, nature, science, music, music genres, emotions, etc. How much more could you wish for on this fun, brain-racking word game?

Facebook Quiz Planet

Enjoy beyond the thrills that come with an offline game, build your language skills with Quiz Planet as it supports multiple languages. Learn new words in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Brazilian, Portuguese and Russian. Its photos are of high quality to aid your guesswork. Facebook quiz Planet is a mind game that will serve you both fun and education on one plate. You’d never know how long it would take you to figure simple words. Now I can imagine the look on your face after you got the word. Yes, that’s the fun of it.

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Benefits of Playing Facebook Quiz Planet

Just like most puzzle games, Quiz Planet does not only let you learn more and more words, it exercises the brain, keeps your memory more active, and gradually amplify your IQ level. Talk more about a game that aids thinking power! The offline game will also keep you company when you need something addicting to pass time.

How to Download Facebook Quiz Planet

How good are you at guesswork? Can you tell what each photo depicts? Would you be able to fathom what 1-4 photos have in common, and in one word? How could you possibly know without playing this free puzzle game? Enjoy some thinking out of the box moments on your smartphone, download Quiz Planet for Android now on Google Play. And if you’re an iPhone or iPad user, you can download Quiz Planet on App Store. Quiz Time is Guess Time on Quiz Planet!

Download Quiz Planet for Android

Completely free, all you need to do to test the brain-racking levels of Quiz Planet on your smartphone are:

  • Connect to the internet
  • Launch Play Store
  • Find Quiz Planet on the search bar
  • Select search result
  • Proceed to install

You can now enjoy one of the best puzzle games thereafter.

Download Quiz Planet on App Store

Quiz Planet is not limited to only Android users. As an iPhone or iPad user, you can also share the thrill of this fun, educational and addicting free game. Simply go to your App store, search and install Quiz Planet. Launch the game when done. Download now; let’s see how far and fast you are with words!

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