Google Chrome Download Free – Latest Version Install For Desktop And Mobile Device

Best Web Browser For Your Operating System, Both Mobile And Desktop Pc. Google Chrome which is also known as Chrome, this web browser is a cross-platform developed by Google. Which was first released for Microsoft Windows in the year 2008. Google later releasing it to MacOS, IOS, Linux and Android devices. This web browser is the main component of the Chrome OS. It serves as a platform for web browser apps and also for a mobile web browser application. On the developing aspect, it was stated that most of the Google Chrome source code was gotten from the Google open-source Chromium project.

Google Chrome

But on the License news, Google License Chrome as a proprietary Freeware. Right-back WebKit was known to be the original engine for rendering. But Google ultimately split it up, by creating the Blink engine. Which all Chrome form except IOS which now use Blink. As at the year April 2019, after some research by StatCounter, a web traffic analysis tool. It was estimated that, on the worldwide browser market, the Chrome web browser is used worldwide by 70% of all users. Both on Pc and mobile device, due to its success, Google now expands the Chrome brand name to other product.

  • Chrome OS
  • Chromebook
  • Chromebase
  • Chromebit, and
  • Chromecase.

Okay, we have talked much about Chrome, where it comes from and how it started. Let talk about how to get the Chrome web browser on your pc and mobile devices.

How to Download Google Chrome Web Browser

The Chrome browser download process is an easy one not like other web browsers. Well on the internet today people complain a lot about some other web browser, how it sign them out, stop them from access people website and lot more other issues. Well, the Google Chrome web browser isn’t like that. The below step will give you more detail on how to download the Chrome web browser;

Chrome Download On Pc Device

Have other web browsers on your device like the internet explorer which comes with your pc devices. You can make use of it to download the Chrome web browser.

  • Launch your web browser “internet explorer” and type in the word “Google Chrome Download”.
  • Click On the link that says, Chrome Download.
  • On the Chrome Download page, click on the Download Chrome button.

Your download will start immediately. Wait for it to finish, after it finishes downloading, you can now install it.

Download On Mobile Device – Download Google Chrome App On Play Store

  • Visit your Google play store on a mobile device.
  • On the search bar, type in Chrome, and search for it.
  • We all know how the Chrome logo is, so when you see the app, click on it.
  • And click on the install button, wait for it to finish downloading.

It will immediately install to your device,  after download end. After it finishes installing, you can then make use of it. By signing in your Google email address to your Chrome.