Google Device – Review On Google Pixel 2XL & 3XL Device

Google has been around for almost 20 years now. And with the relevance of Google in our world today. The word “google” barely requires any introduction wherever it is mentioned. But Google has evolved from just offering its services in Mobile phones and computers. Google is now making waves building hardware device including the likes of mobile phones, Chromecasts, Google Home Mini and many more. Google is setting out to build one of the best android mobile devices with the latest Google Pixel. In this article, we shall be talking about the latest Google device. This device is Google Pixel 3XL and the Google Pixel 2XL devices and their tech specifications.

Google Device: Google Pixel 3XL And Google Pixel 2XL Mobile Android Device

Google Pixel 3XL Device ($789 at Amazon)

This is the best device in the Google brand, with its 6.3  inches P-OLED display. And a screen resolution of 2960 * 1440, you’re in for the best screen adventure yet. The Google Pixel 3XL device runs on the latest Android 9.0 Pie OS with the Google Assistant feature. Where you can ask questions control your music, make a call and do other things with your voice. Also with a dual front blasting speaker to give you a cinematic experience when watching a video or playing games.

The main point of attraction for this Google device is its camera qualities. The Google Pixel 3 features two front-facing cameras also with an 8MP wide-angle lens basically for group selfies. The rear camera is of a 12.2 MP quality which is capable of taking the best of shots in higher definitions.

The Pixel 3 runs on a 4GB RAM and Snapdragon 895 processor. Which is very okay to support any kind of apps, games, and multitasking. And an internal memory of 64GB to 128GB for storage together. With a battery strength of 3,320 mAh and a USB type c port that supports wireless fast charging. This Google device is available in black, white and blushes pink color.

Google Pixel 2XL ($550 at Amazon)

If you are a lover of big screens and still want to be in line with the latest phones currently. Then the Google Pixel 2XL may just be your type of phone. With a 6 inches screen and 2880*1440 QHD resolution, you can be certain to have the best screen experience.

The phone comes with a 4GB RAM, a storage space capacity of 64GB or 128GB. A Google voice assistant and a Snapdragon 835 processor to accommodate heavy multitasking. The 3,520 mAh battery capacity keeps the phone going all day without needing to worry much about your battery life.

Just like the Google Pixel 3, with the front camera of 8MP and rear camera of 12.2 MP. The Google Pixel 2XL device is good enough to take the best photos. The device comes in shades of Black and white colours.