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Google Homepage: When you pick up your phone or system to browse for something on the internet, especially something you are not quite familiar with, the first thing that comes to mind is ‘Google it!’, no wonder it is one of the biggest household names in tech today. Thanks to the Google homepage that makes it very easy for everyone as long as you can read, write and speak. The Google homepage is more than just as s search bar as we commonly know it to be. A lot of significant improvement has been made to Google’s homepage, such that it is almost like the Google search app. In this article, we shall be discussing the features of the Google homepage and everything it entails. Google Homepage

Features of Google Homepage

Google has lots of amazing and wonderful homepage today. Well not everyone knows all of the Google homepages. People do visit some of this homepage they do really know it owned by Google. Well in the below listing details, I would be listing some of the Google homepages. And don’t be surprised if you’ve visited some.

News Feed On Google Homepage

Formerly known as Google Discover, this feature contains data based on user activities with their Google account. These activities include location history, web activities, and device information and location settings. The contents that appear on newsfeed differ from user to user, based on different activities. The News Feed feature is only available to the US, for now, being a new roll-out; work has already commenced making this feature available in other countries.

The Topic Header

This feature is located just above the story’s menu; this topic header comes in handy when you want to get more information about particular content. You may also choose to follow topics that you find interesting.

The Search Bar

Call it a search engine if you must, this is the most important and unique feature of Google. Just type in your keyword into the search bar, tap enter, and leave the rest to Google to handle.

Language Setting

Just below the search engine, you should see something like “Google offered in”, based on your country, you should see a list of languages available for you to select from, choosing any of these languages will change your Google language from its default to your desired choice.

Business Menu On Google Homepage

This section of Google gives you a guide on how to earn money just by placing ads on your website using Google AdSense, manage and scale your business using Data Analytics, Cloud Storage, etc. and also for you to explore all possible Google business solutions.

My Google Profile Menu

This tool that can be located at the top right corner of the Google homepage, you can easily identify it; nine small square boxes, arranged in three rows, three on the first row, three on the second row, and three on the last row.  This menu gives you access to other Google services you can have access to from your Google homepage, these services include your Google contacts, Google Drive, Google Photos, Calendar, Google +, docs, blogger, etc. When you hold this menu and open the link in another tab, you will see a comprehensive detail of every Google product and a guide link on how to get started with any of their products.

Google Images

It’s right up there! Tap on “Images”, your page refreshes, providing an image result of anything you search on Google. Everything is right there, and Google doesn’t seem to be stopping on improving their homepage anytime soon, log on to Google’s official website today at and enjoy these features Google has to provide, all at your fingertips.

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