How To Create A New YouTube Channel

Are you ready to become a YouTube user, giving you access to lots of amazing features on the platform? Any user who has an account on YouTube can have access to watch, like videos and subscriber to other You Tubers channels. Or why not create a new YouTube channel, which gives you access to the YouTube public presence. Both users who has an account on YouTube and those who don’t have can still open a New YouTube channel. Creating a YouTube channel gives the user access to uploading videos, commenting, and making playlists for your videos.

How To Create A New YouTube Channel

Some users may think that them having a Google account, they do already have a YouTube channel. But users should note that it doesn’t go like that. The user still has to open a YouTube channel. It either they open a personal YouTube channel or they create a YouTube channel for their business or with other names.

How to Create a New YouTube Channel

A user can either create a channel for personal reason, which they would manger them self with their Google account. Or they can create a channel for their business which has to do with multiple managers or owners. How do it works, you can continue reading to know how to create a new YouTube channel;

How to Create a Personal YouTube Channel

  • On any of your device, either your computer or your mobile devices, sign in to YouTube with your Google account.
  • If you do have an account on YouTube, you don’t have to create an account anymore. You just have to try any action which requires you having a YouTube channel. Trying to upload any video, try creating a YouTube playlist and try to comment on other YouTube user’s videos.
  • It any of this didn’t work meaning you don’t yet have a YouTube channel.
  • Then you will then need to setup your Google account, the name and photo on it. After that, you can now confirm to open a new YouTube channel for your personal use.

Create a YouTube Channel for Your Business or Other User

It is advised that users should make use of their brand account in other to create a business YouTube channel, which would be managed with their Google account.

  • Users should sign in to YouTube on any of their device they which to make use of.
  • Then the user can visit the YouTube channel list.
  • Users can choose to create a new channel if they want, or they could just make use of an existing Google brand account.
  • To open a new YouTube channel click on the “create a new channel”.
  • Then you can enter the name you want to name your channel. Then you will need to verify your account.
  • After that you can now click on the “Done” icon.

Following all the about steps, you will then open a new Brand Account for your YouTube business channel. Then now you can now add multiple channel managers which will help manager your channel.

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