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How to Create Google Account – Create a New Gmail Account

by techsovibe

Create Google account, we all know what a Google account can be used for. It can be used for a lot of things. A Google account is also called a Gmail account. Almost everything we do online today requires then need for a Google account. To create a Google account is very easy, and free, no fee charge is included. You don’t need much information for you to set up a Google account. After you finish creating and verifying your Google account, you can then make use of the Google Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Maps, YouTube, Google Play Store, and a lot more other.

You may want to create a Google account for Business and personal usage. Or you have a Google account, and you want to open a new Gmail account. Google allows users to have more than one Google account. So, to make a new Google account is free.

How to Create a Google Account – Create a New Gmail Account

You can set up a Google account on any device you wish to make use of. To open a new Google Gmail account is very easy and fast, you just need to provide a little information and verify your Gmail account. follow the below steps to open a Google account:

To Create a Google Account:

  1. Visit www.google.com/accounts/signup.
  2. Enter your first name and last name.
  3. Create a username, anything@gmail.com.
  4. Enter your date of birth, day, month and year.
  5. Choose your gender.
  6. Then create a password to secure your Gmail account.
  7. Enter your password again to confirm it.
  8. Then click on “Next”.
  9. On the next page, you will have to confirm your Google account.
  10. Enter a phone number.
  11. Click on Send verification code.
  12. Enter the code and click on the confirm icon.

Then it will direct you to the Google Gmail homepage, which means you have successfully finished creating your Google account.

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