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How to Create Yahoo Account – New Yahoo Account

by techsovibe

How to create Yahoo account, yahoo mail is one of the most popular online internet email service providers in the world today. Yahoo mail allows you to open or make a new free yahoo account. With yahoo mail account, you can sign up for as many online services that require an email address to open an account. You having a Yahoo account, Yahoo mail gives you access to lots of amazing features on its platform. When you sign up for a new Yahoo account, Yahoo mail gives you access to its calendar, Its news feed, its notepad, address book, and lots more.

In addition to your Yahoo mail account, you get a free email address “@yahoo.com” and a 1 TB online storage on your Yahoo account. You can send and receive millions of messages.

How to Create Yahoo Account – New Yahoo Account

Creating a new Yahoo account is best when making use of the Yahoo mail desktop website, www.yahoo.com. To create a new Yahoo account don’t take much time. Below steps help on how to sign up for a new Yahoo mail account:

To Create New Yahoo Email:

  • Visit the Yahoo mail sign up website, login.yahoo.com/account/create.
  • On the sign up for a Yahoo account page.
  • Enter your first name and last name.
  • Create your yahoo username, anything@yahoo.com.
  • Create your Yahoo account password.
  • Enter your mobile phone number.
  • Enter your date of birth, month, day, and year.
  • Select your gender, male or female.
  • Then click on the Continue
  • You will need to verify your mobile number. Click on Text me an Account key.
  • Enter the key that was sent to your mobile phone number.
  • Then click on Verify.
  • Now click on Continue.

Then you will be redirected to the Yahoo mail home page. To login to your New Yahoo mail account, click on Mail “it is located at the top right side of the page. Or you can go to www.mail.yahoo.com.

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