How to Replace or Delete YouTube Videos

How to Replace or Delete YouTube Videos; Lots of users online today make use of this video streaming entertainment platform which we all know to be YouTube. Some of these users are either a channel owner or non-channel owner. Channel owners are users who do have a YouTube channel and do upload videos for users to watch. While non-channel owners are users who come to the YouTube platform just to watch and stream videos.  However, they do upload videos almost every day, once or twice a week on their YouTube channel for their subscribers to watch and get entertained.

How to Replace or Delete YouTube Videos

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Some users do make mistake upload a bad video which has an error on it. The error can be on you video descriptions or other. Or they upload a video they weren’t supposed to upload. And they would like to either replace or delete the videos from their YouTube channel. How do you think you can go about it? Well, you can continue reading to do so.

How to Replace Your YouTube Videos

They are lot of things which can be replaced but come to think of to replace a YouTube video. It isn’t possible to do so, because very new video which a user uploads to his or her channel. The video do have a separate URL (A new video URL) of its own. But instead the users can make lots of changes to your existing video. How does someone do that?

  • You can decide to trim your video, which can only be down on your computer. Cutting the beginning, middle, and the end of the video.
  • Adding of cards (End screen videos) to you videos. Doing this, you can help promote other of your videos on your channel.
  • You can edit your video title and description. Also your categories, either adding to it or not. Your categories and change settings on your videos privacy setting.

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How to Delete Your YouTube Videos

We all know when it comes to getting something deleted is very easy after you click on the delete button. A user who owns a YouTube channel can delete any video from it anytime they want to. Deleting videos from your YouTube channel, it permanently deleted from the YouTube services. Well, for in case you decide you would like to watch it in the feature, you can save a backup for it anywhere else.

  • After signing in to your YouTube channel, navigate to the video management page.
  • The click on the three dot beside the video you which to delete.
  • It will display a drop down menu, on setting of the video.
  • Then click on the “Delete” icon, which will delete the video.
  • Then confirm if you want to still delete the video.

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