How to Reset Google Gmail Password

Any Google Gmail users don’t just wake up one morning and decide they want to reset their account password, just like that. Something might have cause it, why the user made that decision, or there is a reason why the user want to. And also, there are lots of reasons why users do want to reset their Google Gmail password. It either the user forgot their password, which gives them access to their Google Gmail. The users Google Gmail was hacked by someone close to them or other internet fraudsters. Users do know how important their Google Gmail is to them, it only with it, can they have access to their Gmail and YouTube account. You can continue reading to know how to reset your password.

How to Reset Google Gmail Password

How to Reset Your Google Gmail Password

It is very easy and fast when trying to reset your Google Gmail password. In other to make the reset process go well, use most have a good working internet connection. Then you can follow the below steps to reset your password;

  • On your computer or any device you which to reset your password from. You will need to open your web browser.
  • Then visit the Google account login page.
  • Try signing in to your Google account you don’t need to click on the sign in icon.
  • After inputting your Gmail address, then click on the “I forgot my password”.
  • Google will provide you will lots of ways to reset your password.
  • Then you will need to choose a new strong password.
  • You will have to re-enter the password for conformation, that you can recall your password anytime.
  • Then click on the “Change password” icon.

After that you will be signed in to your Google Gmail account. Then you can now access any of the Google services with your new password you just reset. Note, you don’t need to reset your password for every Google service you are making use of.

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