Instagram Photos – How to Post Instagram Photos

Photos are the most important aspect of Instagram. In fact Instagram is sometimes referred to as a mobile photography package. In other words, this social network avails users the chance to send as many photos as possible. For each new photo that is posted the count increases by one. Instagram photos are not really posted for a particular recipient. It is only put up due to the facts that users like a particular photo of theirs or someone else and would like others to also see such pictures.

Instagram Photos

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Instagram photos are very easy to post via the mobile devices. All the user needs to do is make sure that the picture intended to post is currently on their camera roll such that whenever they are ready, they could just select the photo and post instantly.

Advantages of Posting Instagram Photos

The Instagram photos go a long way to show other users how you are doing at the moment and the activities that you are taking part in right now also. There are lots of benefits or advantages that users derive from posting Instagram photos. These include but are not limited to the following:

  • Connection to other users on Instagram.
  • Followers can see your post.
  • Those you are following will also see your post.
  • Friends will be able to “like” your post thereby making you feel so good with yourself.
  • Users can drop comments on your post.
  • Users can re-post your photo thereby making your post go virile.
  • As a business person, your product will be in the eyes of so many other users.
  • As a photographer, your work will be available on Instagram for all to see. This will surely boost your client base.

How to Post Instagram Photos

As has been mentioned earlier, posting photos is the most important thing users can do on Instagram. This makes it very necessary to touch on how Photos can be posted on Instagram. It is very simple. Here are the steps:

  • On your mobile device, click on the (+ sign) that is embedded within a square. You will be directed to you camera roll.
  • Select the picture you want to post.
  • Apply which ever filter you dim fit.
  • Crop and adjust the photo to fit.
  • Add the names of users you want to tag. Not compulsory.
  • Add the location where the photo was taken. Not compulsory.
  • Add caption to the photo if you so wish.
  • Click post.

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The photo will appear on your Instagram feed instant and will also appear on the page of all your followers. If you tagged anyone before posting, such a user will not only have the photo on their page, but will also get a notification that you added a photo of them. It is worthy to note that only one photo can be posted at every point. In other words, users can not post more than one photo at a time.

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