Jumia Anniversary Sale – Amazing Offers During The Jumia Anniversary Sales

It another year to Jumia online shopping store, wow amazing… This year marks Jumia 7th year in the eCommerce online platform, it Jumia Anniversary celebration time. Jumia Anniversary Sale starting from June 24th and ends at July 7. Jumia has a new offer for every new sign up users who create an account on the Jumia online store. Today making it Jumia Anniversary, every new account that is been created on the Jumia platform. The account is been credited with cash of #500. Today marks the day which Jumia celebrates their highly estimated customers like you. From on the 24th of June to 7th of July Jumia is here to bring you the most mouthwatering deals on all of its best items and products. Jumia Anniversary Sale

On this eCommerce of thing, well it has been a quite challenging and amazing journey for Jumia. But still, yet Jumia still strives to their best to serve you well and provide with good, wonderful, excellent customer experience. And on the 14 days of its Anniversary celebration, Jumia is here to give all its customers, more wonderful product done before. From mobile phones to laptop to fashion items for both men and woman. And also health and beauty products and items from their best and most trusted brand and more others.

Amazing Offers During The Jumia Anniversary Sales/Deals

Are you ready for the Jumia Anniversary sale Amazing offers? Well like I said earlier, Jumia Is offering free #500, for anyone who creates a Jumia account. Not only that, they have other amazing offers, like Jumia double Awoof, Jumia prime, Jumia mega flash sales, Jumia app exclusive, and the Jumia global.

  • Create your Jumia Account today to get #500 ahead of Jumia Anniversary Sale.
  • And not only that, Jumia Double Awoof, buy now and get double Awoof. Pay #500 get #1000, #1000 get #2000, #2500 get #5000.
  • The Jumia prime, unlimited free delivery in your city, no minimum order size.
  • Jumia mega flash sales, user can vote for their favorite items now. And the items which win the most voted deals will be available starting from June 24th, by 12 am-midnight.
  • Daily live giveaway, it can be you or anyone, get a surprise phone call and win big.
  • Jumia app exclusive, Jumia is offering everyone who downloads the Jumia app. The ability to access their mega flash sale and get an extra discount whenever you checkout with Jumiapay.
  • Starting from June 24th on midnight, Jumia is allowing every customer to buy with 500 Naria with the Jumia Global. But it will be open for only for some minutes so be ready.

Guys are you ready for this Jumia Amazing Discount on their Anniversary Sale. It will be all funny and surprising to everyone who gets this Jumia amazing discount during the Jumia Anniversary Sale.