Jumia Online – How to Buy and Sell on Jumia Online Market

Are you among doe’s people who normally don’t have time or the strength to visit a shopping mall or any marketplaces for buying and selling things? And you’re still doing your normal every day searching for an online store, for where you can buy and sell daily from home. We all have heard of what they call Jumia online, we have been hearing about it. It an online store, a marketplace where people buy and sell a lot of amazing products, like phones, tablets, clothes and accessories, home appliances, and also food.

Jumia Online

What Does Jumia Online Mean and Brief History about Jumia

Like I said early, to my own definition, Jumia online is a store where people do buy and sell items, but when it comes to the companies definition, it an eCommerce and a pan-African platform. It also a logistics service, which consists of an online marketplace connecting sellers and customers together. This enables the possibility of shipment of packages from sellers to customers with a service fee of payment attached to it.

This payment can be done online and also, Jumia online has what’s called payment on delivery. Where customers would have to pay for any product which they purchase. From the Jumia online store, make payment once they receive their package. The Jumia online shopping store was founded in the year 2012, its industry target is on the internet, retail, eCommerce, marketplace.

The key people behind this wonderful inventory are Jeremy Hodara CEO, Sacha Piognonnec CEO, Tunde Kehinde, and Raphael Kofi Afaedor. Jumia online has partnered with over 81,000 local companies in Africa and individuals. It directs competitors are the Konga in Nigeria and the Kilimall in Kenya.

How to Buy and Sell on Jumia Online Market

There are several ways which people buy on Jumia, and it amazing when shopping on the Jumia online marketplace. And selling on Jumia is very amazing also, and rewarding with higher turnover and good profit. Finding a product on Jumia online store in other to make a purchase is very easy and amazing. Well, let go to the step on how to buy from Jumia online.

Sell On Jumia Online Market

  • Visit the Jumia website, www.jumia.com.
  • Users can search for products or times they want to buy on Jumia. And either make use of the Jumia categories and select what they want to buy.
  • After the buyer has seen what he or she wants to buy, click on the “Buy Now” bottom.
  • Then click on the “Proceed to Checkout” button.
  • And then fill in all the necessary information, your address, and payment option or you can either do the payment on delivery. This means you don’t have to pay for the item online, but pay when the item is been delivered to you.
  • Then click on the “Buy Now” button to purchase your item.

For does who normally buy or purchase items frequently from Jumia Online Shopping Marketplace, you can enjoy Jumia unlimited free delivery on every order you make. What you just need to do is to subscribe to Jumia’s free delivery subscription. But note us only available for some state in any country which Jumia online runs on.

Sell On Jumia Online Market

Make money while selling to customers on Jumia online. Connect with more buyers and sell more products to improve your revenue. Well, they have been lots of testimonials on how selling on Jumia has been rewarding with higher turnover and Good profit and revenue.

How it Works

Registration takes less than 5-6 minute

  • Visit the Jumia website, www.sellercenter.jumia.com
  • Your first, last name, phone number, display name, and shop name is needed.
  • If you were referred by any Jumia seller or any person, indicate the email.
  • An email address is needed, and you need to reenter the email address for confirmation if you entered the right email.
  • A password is needed also, for security propose, which help to keep your account self, making you the only user who has access to your account.
  • Also, you need to re-enter your choose password to confirm if you would be able to recall the password you have chosen for your Jumia seller account.
  • And then click on the I have read and accepted the E-contract of Jumia (your country).

Step 2

  • You would need to provide good business information to make your seller account stand out to customers.
  • Also, you need to provide your bank account details, which would enable the transfer of cash made by any buyers. This would be paid into your bank account by Jumia after the buyer receives the item which he or she purchases.

So then why the wait, register and start selling today, when you finish setting up, or create your own Jumia seller account.

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