Jumia Products – How to Order or Buy Jumia Products

Talking about the best online product for sales, which any user can purchase from the online shopping store. Jumia is among the top 5 best online shopping store with an amazing product. On the Jumia online store, you will find as many Jumia products that you want to buy for any purpose. Jumia has lots of wonderful product which is been sold by different sellers on the Jumia online store. These Jumia products are of different prices, color, sizes, but it depends on what product or items your buying or purchasing from Jumia Online Shopping Marketplace. You would find lots of wonderful products from different categories on the Jumia website; I would be listing so few products from the Jumia store.

Jumia Products

  • Electronics
  • Mobile phones/tablets
  • Home and office
  • Fashion
  • Smartphones
  • Gaming
  • Health and Beauty
  • Computer
  • Grocery
  • Baby product

And you would see a list that says “other categories” there you will find other amazing and wonderful Jumia categories.

How to Order or Buy Jumia Products

When it comes to ordering or buying products from the Jumia online store, it very easy and fast when you understand what you’re doing. Well, we have talked on how to buy from Jumia Online store on our other articles “how to buy from Jumia” and “Jumia Online”. So visit does articles to get more detail. Well, we would be talking about what it takes for someone to Order the Jumia products and what they need.

  • The people who want to make an order on Jumia online most face create a Jumia account.
  • After that, the person should search for the Jumia product he or she wants to Order.
  • Then click on add to carts. After adding to carts, you can now view your cart to buy or order your product.
  • The fill-in your house address for delivery, you can either choose to pay for your products (payment on delivery) or make the payment online. In that process, you will have to make your credit card available, add your credit card detail as required by Jumia Online. Then click on the make payment option to purchase you Jumia products you just order for.

Note, it advisable for every buyer to check whatever  Jumia products they want to Order, and also check properly when before making payment. If it the right products you’re paying for.

How Are Jumia Product Sold

Any products on the Jumia website are been sold by people like you, but there is a name giving to them which is called Jumia seller”. This seller is the one in charge of any items or products on the Jumia online store. Selling on Jumia is very amazing when doing that. On the Jumia seller page, you will find a lot of amazing testimonies about how rewarding selling on Jumia is. Well, to become a Jumia seller is not a big deal. You just have to sign up for a Jumia seller account. And start uploading your products on your seller account.