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Have thought of travelling to any African country without tress, booking all your hotels reservation together with your flight tickets? We all have heard of the Jumia online shopping store with a marketplace. It also has a brand for travellers; the Jumia Travel is an online travel agency which helps to provide hotel reservations across all African continents. It has been in existence since the year 2013, it main focus of industry is on travel, Ecommerce. However, it has lots of Headquarters, locating in countries like, Lagos State in Nigeria, Nairobi in Kenya, Bakar in Senegal. One key person on the Travel Company is Paul Mindy.

Jumia Travel

You may be wondering why telling you now about the Jumia travel. Well, we are still more research on Jumia, so we just came across this. However, it travel Company has 250 number of employees. In main website domain is www.travel.jumia.com. Let tell you more about the Hotel reservations and flight booking.

Best Travel Hotels Booking Deals

Jumia is not only an online buying and selling platform for African, do you also know that the Jumia online store still offers Travels and Hotels booking all round African as a continent. It has its own website and brand called Jumia Travel. Anyone who wants to travel in African to any nearby African country can make use of the Jumia website or mobile app. With this travel feature you don’t have to travel to any country and when you get there, you start searching for a hotel where you can stay. Book your perfect hotel with just one click away on travel.jumia.com.

Traveller can as well book a hotel with the mobile app. Download the mobile application and get 10% discount on your first hotel booking when you make use of the Jumia travels mobile app with the code APP10. The travel app is available on both Android and IOS device, which can be downloaded on the Google play store and App store.

Jumia Airline Travel Flight Ticket Booking

From all the customers who have drop reviews on the Travel website about their amazing experience with Jumia travel. You don’t have to think twice before your make use of this travel company to travel round African with cheap flights and Airline tickets. Booking your flight ticket on the Jumia website is amazing; travellers can find cheaper flight and Airline tickets on this amazing travel website.

All you just have to do is too specific which of the African country you want to travel to. We all know planning for any travel be sometimes difficult, even when travelling with road. And do you know when it comes to booking of cheap flights it a difficult task. Jumia has made every travel possible by enabling you to search for international and domestic flights offered by any airline in African.

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