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Mercari Vacation Mode – How Mercari Sellers Put Their Account On Vacation Mode

by techsovibe

Mercari is an online shopping store, a marketplace of anyone who wishes to buy or sell anything. On the online store, Mercari users can sell anything, both new and used items. There are lots of amazing items listed of the sale every day, over 100,000 products. Come to think of it, if over 100,000 items can be listed for sale on a daily basis, how many sellers do you think are on Mercari?

We still don’t know how many sellers are in this online shopping marketplace where users buy and sell anything. There is one amazing thing I love about Mercari, sellers can go on vacation. This feature is called the Mercari vacation mode; sellers can to it whenever they fill, and also when they don’t have any items for sale at that moment.

Mercari Vacation Mode

This has made Mercari grow fast as a Marketplace for buying and selling anything online. Users who would be gone from their house for week or month and they don’t want anyone to buy any of their listed items they have put for sale.

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They don’t time and won’t be able to ship items; they can turn on the Mercari vacation mode. Sellers can remove their account from vacation mode at any time they want.

How Mercari Sellers Put Their Account On Vacation Mode

It is easy to turn on vacation mode on Mercari for sellers, well not every seller on Mercari knows about his vacation mode. Due to that, they stress themself a lot, some sellers may even take products along them whenever they do travel or are on vacation.

Which is not right, well that the reason while Mercari has created this holiday mode for every of their seller. Follow the steps below to turn on vacation mode;

  • Visit your account tab to deactivate your listing.
  • On your account go to my page.
  • Then tap on the selling icon, and click on select.
  • On the top right corner of the selecting page, you can let all items you want to put on vacation.
  • Then you can select vacation mode (deactivate).

Any seller who follow the about steps as listed there, they will successfully put their Mercari items on their account on vacation mode.

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