Microsoft Cloud – How Do I Get Access to Microsoft Cloud

We all know the world we are today is more into the internet technology era. Due to that fact mostly everything we all human partake, in one way or the other it heats down back to the internet. Therefore, in the aspect of storing documents. Media files and other personal information’s is appositely an essential way in the life of we humans. And this why the Microsoft company has made this online cloud storage device. Which helps in storing of documents, media files and other information’s.

Microsoft Cloud

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The cloud storage will be talking about is Microsoft Cloud storage. Microsoft Cloud is an online storage device which the owner is the Microsoft company. They provide users with the ability to store media files, document and any of other personal files. It a free clouds storage for any users to keep their files safe. And it also has a paid service for higher storage space. For in case the free service is not enough for all of the user files. Users can apply for a high storage space which the user will have to pay a specific amount of money. The payment depends on what the users want, from the available storage service which Microsoft Cloud offers to users.

What are the Microsoft Cloud Storage Services

Years back when Microsoft created this online cloud storage for users to keep all their files safe, this cloud storage was normally called Windows Azure. But it was later changed from Windows Azure to Microsoft Azure. It is a cloud computing service created for testing, building, deploying, managing application and services with the help of Microsoft managed data centers.

Well in the year 2007, August 1, 12 years ago. Microsoft created this online cloud storage which is called Microsoft OneDrive. It a free cloud storage for any users who which to store their files in a well-secured place. This cloud storage, OneDrive was formerly known as SkyDrive, which is Windows live SkyDrive also called Windows Live Folders.

With Microsoft Cloud storage users can store any of their files from anywhere they are on any device they which too.  They can store it from an Android mobile device, windows phone, iOS mobile device, Windows and MacOS computer, and the Xbox 360 and Xbox One consoles.

How Do I Get Access to Microsoft Cloud

Having the Microsoft OneDrive account, it offers cloud storage to its user, 5GB of storage space free, without no charges. And also with 50GB, 1TB, and 5TB storage space available from the free storage space with office 365 subscriptions. Also, there is a specific amount of money for users t pay for this storage space. Below is what users need to access this One drive amazing features;

  • You must have an email address, a mobile phone number.
  • Create a password for account security, the password helps you keep your OneDrive account safe from others, only the users who have that specified account password can have access to it. Users should make sure to keep their password visible to only themselves.

Note; only users who have an account on One drive online cloud storage can enjoy its amazing features, storing their files and personal details in it online could storage. For users who which to store their files on OneDrive cloud storage can visit the website, to sign up or create an account.