Microsoft Outlook 365 – Upgrade Microsoft Outlook to Office 365

Do you know that you can upgrade your outlook account access to the premium feature of office 365? Yes, as an existing user you can. With the help of the article will show you the step on how to get the Microsoft outlook 365 to enjoy the benefits. Microsoft deliberately offers users this type of service to improve social communication and access to large contests of files. This will provide users with a large amount of space to store files. Also, provide offline back upright from Microsoft outlook 365 email account.

Office 365 is a well know cloud-based services designed for an organization that requires reliability and productivity to help aid a better growth of the company. Whereby providing users with the new Microsoft outlook 365 separately from the general office 365 services application. If you are familiar with Microsoft office 365 you should know the great importance and benefits of using the platform for home and business. Some of the benefits of Microsoft outlook 365 are listed below.

Benefit of Upgrading your Account to Microsoft Outlook 365

Entire all Microsoft services offer users a better platform. Now the upgrading to the new Microsoft outlook 365 has featured lots of benefits. As a small business server, the benefit of using Microsoft outlook 365 provides you with a lot of features and benefits to help scale your business. Here are some of the benefits below;

  • It helps users view and compose an offline email and also syncs your mailbox immediately you are active online.
  • It automatically updates your email account across the devices you are login into and prevent any access without your permission.
  • Provide you with search features that quickly help you find your recent content while trying to send an attachment. 
  • It provides an advanced feature for mail giving you a good look professional email, color theme, formatting, and more. 
  • You select a plan category and also allow you to try one for free for a month.

This benefit can help boost can help both the productivity and work home facilities. It also offers users office applications on the outlook premium such as OneDrive, PowerPoint, Word, Excel, and OneNote with different plan selection.

How to Upgrade to Microsoft Outlook to Office 365 Features

Microsoft Outlook 365 provides users with a new features plan to select from which requires a credit card and an outlook account. Users can choose a subscription plan of ether office 365 home or office 365 personal with premium benefits. Note that the cost of each plan shows while accessing the process.

  • On your web browser from the computer and click on this URL and then enter your email address followed by your password.
  • Scroll down at the left corner of the page and click on the diamond icon to upgrade your outlook.
  • Then you can see the price tag of the plans. Even start with the 30 days of free trails when you select the home plan.
  • Select the plan of your choice to purchase the services. Note the free trial will redirect you again to enter your password.
  • Then you can process to checkout and add a payment option to the various plans.

After you have accessed the payment option you can then wait for the delivery of your plans. Microsoft outlook 365 offers users a monthly and yearly subscription. Also, provide you a workout option meaning that you can cancel anytime you feel like.

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