Microsoft Outlook – Install & Set Up Latest Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft has been busy lately in providing users a convenient way of accessing the email platform on various devices. Thanks to Microsoft a new email application has been introducing to users known as Microsoft Outlook. Microsoft Outlook is a popular email application that offers millions of users all over the world both students and businesses. The effectiveness of the app is design to produces better social networking and communicating features.

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is an email application manager that offers users four major components such as calendar, email, contact, and tasks. In other words, users can access their inboxes and schedules with the use of the app. Moreover, it also enables users to simply receive and sends emails across other users with amazing features. Adding to functionally of the app, it offers users with the following benefits; 

  • The ability of users to bring the entire email account on one suitable platform. 
  • It also offers users to access the following email such as Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail, Yahoo mail, office 365 and also Microsoft exchange. 
  • It provides the user with easy access to the calendar and keeps you connected at all times. 
  • Users are able to sync a draft on the Microsoft exchange account and through contacts. 
  • Provide users with a search engine to locate files and contact and also your upcoming event. 

One interesting aspect of Microsoft outlook is that it allows users to create a group for your team and display content for members to views. The app is free and requires compatible devices. Right here on this article, you will be provided with the requirement and how to install them. Anyone can now install and setup the latest Microsoft Outlook on any device as long as it is compatible with the version you are trying on.

How to Install the Latest Microsoft Outlook

The new app is now open for users to install their devices but only if the devices are compatible. For Microsoft Outlook to operate on iOS such as iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch require a compatible version 10.0 higher. While for Android devices is compatible with devices operating under version 4.4 and up. To finally follow the steps below; 

  • Open the app store for iOS you require to use the apple store and for Android devices use the play store. 
  • Above the screen on the search bar type in Microsoft Outlook and click on the first result. 
  • Then click the install icon. 

Note that before it installs on your devices it will load for a while to verify if your devices are capable. After that, it will start the installation process. If you are running on the old Microsoft outlook you can simply uninstall the app and download the new app. 

How to Set Up Your Microsoft Outlook 

After you must have installed the app another aspect is to set up your email account on the platform.  Just note that it’s exclusive for users with an email account. To provide users a constant communicating system. And here is how to set up your account; 

  • Open the apps once it finishes installing to access the outlook screen. 
  • Click “get started” to manage your account at any location. 
  • Then click “add account” to set up your account. Note if you already using the service it will display your email address. 
  • Enter your email address and then verify the email address by clicking allow.

Microsoft Outlook will access your account when you have finally verified the account. You can switch the account to add your Gmail or Yahoo mail. With the following writing word, you can easily set up and access your account while at the office or home. 

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