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MSN Hotmail – Microsoft Account Sign Up | MSN Hotmail Sign In

by techsovibe

Microsoft is best known for its office application and the provision of operating systems and now the MSN Hotmail. With hundreds of email platforms, the MSN Hotmail is one that uses free web-based email solutions subscribed by millions of users which is owned by Microsoft Corporation. The services come with a secure access feature that offers users an easy use of the Hotmail inbox. The main objective at the end of this post provides you with steps to complete the MSN Hotmail sign in and sign up.

MSN Hotmail formally named “Windows Live Hotmail” providing users perfect email services for both public and private use. Users Over the years now the Hotmail email has become popular with unique benefits been offered to users. Some of the unique benefits of windows live Hotmail listed below;

  • Users can easily acquire email from users you know and also offer the categories to report spam.
  • It allows providing users with a secure login to the Hotmail account whereby users can select the secure mode if on a public computer.
  • Ability to access the outlook and outlook express right from the MSN account.
  • Hotmail offers a feature to same any incoming messages and allows you to access deleted email on a special folder.
  • It also allows you to undo email you immediately deleted.

To access this benefit, it already provided an access platform that allows users to get access to their email account from the computer and mobile phones as long it is access to the internet. With also a web browser to access the sign-up features below.

Microsoft Account Sign Up – Msn Hotmail Account

The MSN homepage features an amazing display fo news contents powered by Microsoft news and also weather update. With the Microsoft Hotmail account sign up you can use the account to access the following services like Skype, office, and OneDrive.

  • On your web browser use the URL msn.com to visit the homepage for your desktop or mobile phone.
  • Navigate to the left side of the screen and click outlook.com to select create new.
  • Then click “create a new one” a create account page will appear.
  • To create the MSN Hotmail account require you to fill your personal login credentials such as;
  • Set up a unique email address and select Hotmail.com.
  • Your first name and last name as well as your
  • Enter your country/ region and select your birthdate then gender.

Afterward, you can verify the Hotmail account with the character to confirm your human and not a robot. Note that MSN Hotmail also called the Microsoft outlook. After you must have finished the process, to login or sign in your account use the following outline.

MSN Hotmail Sign In

To sign in your account take some login credentials such as the email address and the user password. With the same URL above you can use it to access the following steps. Note that this particular content is exclusive for who can’t log in.

  • To log in your accounts copy the URL on the web browser.
  • Click on outlook.com to sign in by selecting the “sign-in” icon.
  • These will automatically redirect you to the sign in page.
  • Then enter your email address and password.

On the last procedure click the login icon to open your account. Note that if you have an outlook account you can also perform the login.

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