MTN Data Plans – How To Buy or Purchase, Subscribe To Any MTN Data Plans, do you make use of the yellow network or you have an MTN sim? Making use of the yellow network and don’t have access to any data plan, what your benefit, nothing. Why don’t you choose an MTN mobile data plan on your MTN sim and start browsing with MTN 3g and 4g network? It is fast and suitable for any MTN user. MTN has a rich and bouquet and flexible and as well an affordable data plans any of their users. MTN has a lot of data plans, to buy or purchase any MTN data plan, their specific MTN code the user most type. MTN Data Plans What is The List of MTN Data Plans and How to Subscribe For Them?

When it comes to choosing an MTN mobile data plan, It has never been this simple? You can buy or purchase any MTN data plans, which are simply; MTN Daily Plans, Weekly data plans, Monthly data plans, 60 days / Quarterly plans.

MTN Daily Plans Subscription

The MTN daily plans are of three types, which last for 24hrs;

  • 20MB for #50, Text “141” to “131”.
  • 50MB + 25MB Bonus for #100, Text “104” to “131”.
  • 150MB + 750MB Bonus for #200, Text “113” to “131”.

MTN Weekly Plans Subscription

The MTN Weekly Plans are of two types, which last for seven (7) days.

  • 150MB for #300, Text “102” to “131”.
  • 500MB + 250MB Bonus, Text “103” to “131”.

MTN Monthly Plans Subscription

MTN Monthly Plans are of six types, which Last for 30days.

  • 1GB + 500MB Bonus for #1000, Text “106” to “131”.
  • 1.5GB for #1200, Text “130” to “131”.
  • 2.5GB + 1GB Bonus for #2000, Text “110” to “131”.
  • 5GB for #3500, Text “107” to “131”.
  • 10GB for #5000, Text “116” to “131”.
  • 22GB for #10,000, Text “117” to “131”.

MTN 60 Day Data Plans Subscription

The MTN 60 days data plan are of two types, it last of 60 days which is two months.

  • 50GB for #20,000, Text “118” to “131”.
  • 100GB for #30,000, Text “138” to “131”.

MTN Quarterly Data Plan Subscription

The MTN quarterly data plan subscriptions are of two types and it lasts for 90 days, which is also three months.

  • 120GB for #50,000, Text “133” to “131”.
  • 150GB for #75,000, Text “134” to “131”

Note, user can also dial *131*1# to activate any MTN data plans. To subscribe to any MTN Daily data plan, they are only two ways for now. It either you send an SMS code or you make use of the MTN code.