Office Onedrive – How to Upload Files to Office Onedrive Online Storage

Are you thinking about all those big companies with lots of files? How they are able to keep their files safe. And also, on the other hand, you think about how you can keep your small business file safe. Imagine if a big company can keep their entire file safe in one place without getting lost, and you having just a few files to keep you are complaining. Of course, you as well can keep your files in a safe place. Come to talk of where those big companies keep all their files so they could be safe. You have heard of office Onedrive, but don’t know what it used for. Well, office Onedrive is online cloud storage which helps lots of people to keep their documents, photos, and other files safe from them getting a loss by their owners.

Office Onedrive

Office Onedrive is one of the top 10 used cloud storage devices, and it a safer place to store your entire file which is so important to you. It is mostly used by big companies, because all those companies, they have lots of files which can easily get lost. So they used office Onedrive to keep their files safe. For all new coming users, they might think that as office Onedrive is mostly used by big companies it a paid service. Well, it is, but it as well as a free package for all its users. Office Onedrive offers it, users, a free storage space of 5 GB. And for the aspects of the paid service, it offers them with storage like; 500 GB, 1 TB, and 5 TB. And this service comes with different amount, as the storage space increases so as the amount increases too.

How to Upload Files to Office Onedrive Online Storage

Users can upload their important files from any device provide the have a good working Internet connection. Use can upload files and as well download them whenever they need them. Uploading files to office Onedrive online cloud storage is an easy and fast process. Well, users can follow the below step on how to upload office Onedrive files;

  • Visit the Onedrive website, URL
  • Login to your Onedrive account, on Onedrive homepage, click on the upload button on the top side of the homepage.
  • Select on the files button which you want to upload to Onedrive online storage.
  • Then select the files you want to upload.
  • On the left side of the page, you would see the upload button.
  • Click on the button to view your file.

Following the above step carefully and correctly you successfully upload whichever files you want to upload to Onedrive cloud storage. Like I side early users can also download any file which they have uploaded to Onedrive online storage.

Select the file which you want to download, and then you would see the download button u top of the page. Then click on the download button, to download your selected files. After files finished downloading, to see your files, go to your download folder on your device and you will see all your downloaded files.

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