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Pay My Zales Credit Card Bill Online

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How do I pay my Zales bill or how to make payment with my Zales diamond credit card? Well, Zales offers every of its credit cardholders different financing option to buy now and pay later after your card get approved. With your Zales credit card you can purchase diamonds that speaks to you on the Zales website. Zales offers users who have applied for its credit card and have been approved with lots of different payment option to pay for Zales bill online.

Pay My Zales Credit Card Bill Online

Zales Diamond Card Bill Payment Options

The Zales credit card can be used to pay for bill online in different ways after making purchase of any diamond on the Zales online store. Below are the varieties of ways you can pay bill with your Zales diamond credit card;

Zales Credit Card Special Financing Plan

With the Zales special financing plan you can buy now for your admired Jewelry and pay later. The minimum purchase which can be made with the Zales Special financing plan is as low as $300. It has a payment term which cardholder will have to complete within 6, 12, 18 months or 36 months. It comes with a birthday surprise offer, 10% off when you make payment for service or repair. And a free standard shipping when you pay your bill with your Zales diamond credit card.

Zales Regular Purchase Credit Plan

The Zales regular purchase credit plan is way different from that of the Zales financing plan. Well, users do take their jewelry home, but you will have to pay instantly. The Zale regular purchase credit plan is the normal payment way. Whereby you have to pay after you purchase an item. It doesn’t not have any minimum purchase amount. You can purchase diamond worth any amount and pay the bill with your Zales credit card.

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How to Pay my Zales Credit Card Bill Online

To pay your bill online with your Zales credit card, you must have register for an account with Comenity Bank on comenity.net/Zales. You will have to register for an online access to login to manage your Zales Diamond Card Credit Account.

  1. Open your web browser.
  2. Go to www.comenity.net/zales.
  3. Then click on the “Register” button.
  4. On the account registration page, enter your info.
  5. Your credit card account number.
  6. Zip code or postal code.
  7. Then choose a means of identification.
  8. Now click on “Find my Account” button.

Then you can allows visit the Comenity.net/Zales website to login to your Zales diamond credit card account to pay for bill online. All you need is your Zales credit card account username and password to sign in. And make sure you pay for your Zales financing payback fee before the due date to avoid paying the interest fee.

Note; Comenity Capital Bank won’t let you make use of your Diamond credit card to make payment on a Zales store. You will have to make a Schedule for a payment via mail. Or phone or send a check to Comenity Capital Bank address line.

How to Pay Zales Bill By Mail

All that is needed to be done to pay your bill with your Zales diamond credit card is to send a check to Comenity Capital Bank

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