Pinterest Notification – How Pinterest Notification works

Notification is an alertness mechanism concerning a situation or thing. Another word that can be used in place of Notification is Alarm. Notifications are good for everyone because it alerts you to know what is happening to you. Or anything that concerns you. Most of not all social media platforms have a notification feature. And Pinterest notification is just the right one for every user of Pinterest.

Pinterest Notification - How Pinterest Notification works

Since social media platforms are structured in such a way that users interact with several other users. And activities are exchanged between them. It is very important for users to be abreast with everything that relates to their account. It is easier for users to keep up with all the activities on their account. Whenever they are online but much more difficult to stay up to date when offline.

Importance of This Notification

As have been spoken about already earlier. The Pinterest Notification feature comes handy to alert users of the things happening on their account. For instance, if another user sends you a message on your Pinterest account. The notification feature will alert you within the fraction of a second. So you can either be aware of the message or for you to quickly reply to such messages if need be. It could also be a friend request from another user who wants to be able to share stuff with you. In this case, you will need to accept such a request. Because then and only then will such user be able to access your boards or pins. Pinterest Notification will make sure you don’t miss this.

The whole essence of Pinterest Notification. Is just to make sure that users do not miss important activities on their account. It will always notify you so that you can take the necessary actions. That needs to keep you up to speed and updated always.

How Pinterest Notification works

Users will be asked if they will want Pinterest to send them notifications. It is wise to click on “Accept” except if you do not want to be updated always. This is actually not needed if you are going to be online throughout the day. This is practically impossible by the way. In times when you are offline, you are sure that the Pinterest Notification will bring to your notice. Every activity that needs your attention, this way users will not lose out on anything.

Also even when your Pinterest account is up and running. You could decide to turn on or turn off all notifications on your account. Especially when you have the Pinterest mobile app. All you need to do is.

  • Check the bottom part of your Pinterest home on your mobile phone.
  • Click on “Saved” this will take you to your Pinterest profile page.
  • On the profile page, click on the “Settings” icon.
  • Select “Edit settings”
  • Select “Notifications”
  • Toggle the ON and OFF button to OFF.
  • Click on Save edit.

This way, you will not be getting Notification on your Pinterest account activities anymore. You could go to the settings to toggle the notification ON whenever you decide to do so.

What Pinterest Notifies Users About

Users do not get notified about everything on Pinterest. There are some activities that do not need your urgent addressing. Such activities or actions can be done whenever you come online. However, there are some things that users must always be notified about. Some of these activities include:

  • Messages from other users.
  • The suggestion of pins for your board.
  • A suggestion of images based on the category you showed interest in during Pinterest sign
  • Friends request from other users.
  • Acceptance of your friend request by other users.
  • New themes and ideas are available on Pinterest.

Getting notified from Pinterest notification feature users will always be updated. About what is going on when they on or not-on their Pinterest account. Also, know what people they follow are up to.

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