Planet Fitness – How to Register/Become a Planet Fitness Member

Are you a sport man or woman? And you are looking for a best way to keep your body fit. I have got to suggest planet fitness for you. Now you may be asking the question about, what this planet fitness is all about, just chill you will get to know about it. However, planet fitness is an American franchisor and operator of fitness centers based in Hampton, New Hampshire. The company has over 1,800 clubs, and this makes it one of the largest fitness club in the world by number of members and location.

Planet Fitness

PF allows it members to enjoy unlimited access to their various home club and the support of their friendly, knowledgeable staff anytime they need it. There are some benefits added to it which is making it look more interest. They have got some benefits which includes the ability to bring a guest for free and access to any of their 1,800-planet fitness location. The PF has got all qualities that helps their members to reach out their various goals in keeping fit.

Benefits of Planet Fitness

Everyone’s goal is to stay healthy and active every time and day. However, with PF you get access to some benefits which enables you to enjoy the company. There is an PF benefit which is know as the Planet Fitness Black Card, this card enables you enjoy the following benefits under the PF company:

  • Unlimited use of tanning beds.
  • Discounts on the reebok products.
  • Half price cooler drinks.
  • Access to any PF location.
  • Unlimited use of massage chairs.

Apart from the above-mentioned benefits, PF also offers many other benefits such as free Wi-Fi, free fitness training and 24/7 access to primary PF.

How to Register/ Become a Planet Fitness Member

So many people may have been asking of how to be part of the planet fitness company. It is very important to know that you must be a member before you can participate in the fitness keeping process. Before you plan to join the community, you need to also know that, each membership you join will cost you some amount of money. They have an amazing membership plans for any user. However, the following steps could help you to register or become a member of the planet fitness:

  • Go to the PF homepage or click on this link
  • At the top right side of the page click on the yellow box which Join now is written
  • Use the search box to select a location by typing the city you want or typing the city zip code.
  • Click on the find club icon
  • Now the location will be shown, click on join now
  • You may apply using a promo code or scroll down and select one of the two membership options
  • Fill in your details and proceed to payment

Note: not all locations are available, if you are in the US, Canada, Dominican Republic, Panama, and Mexico. You can get access to the planet fitness company.

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