Quickteller – Fast and Convenient Online Bill Payment

Quickteller – Online Bill Payment – Fast and Convenient – Send and Receive Money – Request for Loan

What is Quick Teller: Quickteller is an online payment solution method, with a convenient service, which offer lots of people the ability to pay any kind of bills online. With the help of the person having a good internet connection and an ATM card the person can pay any kind of bills with ease.


On this article will would be talking wide on Quickteller, and providing answers to lot of question like:

  • Who Owns Quickteller?
  • How Does Quickteller works?
  • Can I Buy Airtime Via Quick teller?
  • Can I Make Transfer of Money on Quick teller?
  • How Can I Request for a Loan?
  • How Do I Pay Back My Loan?
  • Can I Pay My Bills Via Quick teller?

Who Owns Quickteller?

Quickteller is a Nigeria company, the company started in the year 2005, which is owned by Interswitch. Interswitch is a commerce company in Africa, focusing on integrating digital payments. It helps electronically in circulating the exchange of money, and also values between individuals and organizations. Starting from the year 2002, the company has helped a lot of countries in the African continent, as a transaction switching and electronic payment which has charge the way people pay bills.

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How Does Quickteller Works

Quickteller as a Nigeria company, it works in server ways, which has made transactions easy and fast anytime anywhere. Making use of Quickteller, you can get services like:

  • Buying of Airtime.
  • Payment of bills, any type of bills.
  • Sending and receiving of money.
  • Requesting for loan.

About are the listed Quickteller service on how it works.

Can I Buy Airtime Via Quickteller

Yes, anyone can buy or make purchase of airtime on the Quickteller app or website. To top-up airtime on your phone you will need your credit card.

Can I Make Transfer of Money on Quick teller?

Yes, anyone can make transfer of money to anyone, even if the person is not making use of Quickteller. The person will have to provide the receiver account number, bank name, and Beneficiary’s mobile number. Then provides his or her Atm card details to complete the money transaction.

Can I Request for a Loan?

Yes, anyone can request for a loan, as long as you can afford to pay-back. A person can request for loan on Quick teller I serve ways, through the website, with it Short code, and with extension (Kwikcash Only) Dialing *561#.

How Do I Pay Back My Loan?

Paying back your Quick teller loan can be done a lot off ways. A person can pay back his or her loan using:

  • Their bank card on an ATM.
  • With the website, quickteller.com/ils
  • With the Short code (USSD).
  • Pay any Bank with Kwikcash only.

Can I Pay My Bills Via Quick teller?

Yes, Quickteller offers users the ability to make payment for bills. It has over 144 services that a user can make payment for, using it. People who lives in places like 1004 Estate, can easily pay for land use charge, Insurance, car sticker and ground and lot more. Below are bill that can be paid for on Quickteller:

  • Aid Grants and Donations.
  • Airtime and Data.
  • Airtime Top-up.
  • Associations and Societies.
  • BankOne MFBs
  • Betting, Lottery and Gaming.
  • Cable TV.
  • Commerce Retail Trade.
  • Credit and Loans.
  • Cross River State Govt.
  • Dealer Payment.
  • Dues and Service Charge.
  • Embassies.
  • Eminent Technologies.
  • Event Tickets.
  • Financial Services.
  • Government Payments.
  • InsureDirect.
  • International Airtime.
  • Internet Services.
  • Interswitch Services.
  • Invoice Payment.
  • Merchant Payment.
  • Mobile Money Wallets.
  • Mobile Recharge.
  • Nestle Distributors.
  • Online Shopping.
  • Pay TV.
  • PayChoice.
  • Prepaid Card Service.
  • Product and Service.
  • Religious Institutions.
  • School and Exam Fees.
  • Send and Receive Money.
  • shopping.
  • Tax Payment.
  • Transport and Toll Payments.
  • Travel and Hotel.


Before anyone can make use of the above listed feature of the Quick teller online payment service, the person most have an account on the platform. It means you have to create or sign up for a Quickteller account.

How to Create or Sign Up for A Quickteller Account

Like I said earlier, anyone who final creates his or her account on this platform will have all access to every feature. Follow the below step to create your account or sign up and start making payments:

  • Visit the website, quickteller.com.
  • On the homepage, click on the “Sign up” icon, at the right-side.
  • A drop-down menu appears.
  • Enter you first name and last name.
  • Provide your email address and mobile phone number.
  • Enter at list 10 characters and above for your password.
  • If you are referred by anyone, enter the person Email and Mobile number.
  • Then click on the “Continue” icon.

If you follow the above listed step correctly you will end up successfully having a Quick teller account.

Most Used Feature on the Quick Teller Platform

Among all the amazing and wonderful features, there are to main feature which people do make use off. This feature are used by 80% of people who make use of Quick teller on a daily basis.

  • Sending of Money and,
  • Buying Airtime.

How to Send Money

Not is hard for you to do, when you say it not. Well sending money with Quickteller to someone else is every easy. Below are steps on how to send money:

  • Login to your account.
  • Then click on the “Send/Receive Money” icon.
  • On the “Send Money” panel, click on either “Transfer to Account or Transfer to eCash”.
  • Then enter the Beneficiary’s account number, and select the bank you want to transfer to.
  • Then click on the “Validate Account Number” icon, it will display the person name. Confirm the name and make sure you are sending money to the right person.
  • Enter the amount you want to transfer in numbers.
  • Then enter the Beneficiary’s Mobile Number.
  • Then click on the “Continue” icon.
  • On the next page, click on the “Transfer” icon.
  • Then enter your card details, number, expiry date, and CVV code, and click on the “Pay” icon.
  • On your mobile number, you will be sent a pin which can be used only once.
  • Then enter the PIN and click on the “Pay” icon.

Note, a small amount of fee (52.50 Naira) would be charged for the transaction.

How to Buy Airtime

You can store going to any store or shop to get the paper airtime before you can recharge your mobile number to make calls. Anyone can buy or purchase airtime on this wonderful website. You can decide to Top-up airtime for other number. Below is a step to follow to buy Airtime:

  • Login to your account.
  • Click on the “Buy Airtime” icon.
  • Then click on the “Top-up your Phone” to buy airtime for your phone. Or click on the “Top-up other Number” icon, to buy airtime for someone else.
  • Next, you will have to select the Mobile network, and enter the number you want to Top-up airtime for.
  • Then enter the amount of airtime you want to buy, click on the “Continue” icon.
  • Then click on the “Pay” icon to continue.
  • Next, you will then have to enter your Debit card details to process with your buying of airtime.
  • Then your will receive a pin code on your mobile number that linked to your bank, which can be used only once.
  • Then enter the pin code then click on the “Continue” icon.

Note: For in case you see any debit alert, it was the airtime you made purchase for. You can view history of all transaction made on the dashboard. About the history, the website saves every transaction of bank details and names of people you have sent money to.

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