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Samsung Galaxy S8 Review – Key Features On Samsung S8

If you are looking for an amazing Smartphone that has a large screen as well as the fastest processing power. From a Samsung device or any other devices, here is your best answer! Samsung Galaxy S8 is a premium phone that also comes with a premium price. On the track to compete with Apple’s iPhone 7 as well as other flagship phones. Samsung Galaxy S8 is in a very difficult process just to be the best Smartphone worldwide. Phones have become a little stale, whether it is an iPhone, Sony Xperia XZ premium or any other flagship phones, they all feel and look the same.

Review On Samsung Galaxy S8 - Key Features On Samsung S8

But just when I thought of a phone called Samsung Galaxy S8. I was surprised and shock because it proved me otherwise. The moment I picked up phone Samsung galaxy s8 (large, 6.2-inch screen size). I realized that not all phones have become a little stale; little did I know it will exceed my expectation that I would find something like this. Samsung galaxy s8 is a phone that feels fresh. And also a phone that I can’t help but recommend, even when it’s worth £689/$720.

More Talk About The Samsung Galaxy S8 Device

One thing that amazes me more is that it has a mobile HDR premium certified Smartphone, which is the first ever. And also, you can watch shows and films just the way they can be seen on your LCD. It has a quad HD + super Amole displays. Which bring films and shows, games and images to life in vivid detail.

It allows you to do two things at the same time by displaying a space to use two apps at one. You can watch a video on one half and text with a full-size keyboard on the other. Just like you, it is made for multitasking purposes. And it has a cover with different colors; this which is called the premium Samsung cover is sold separately. Choose the best color from a large selection of the premium Samsung cover and keep your screen looking its best.

Samsung Galaxy S8 – Key Features

Samsung Galaxy S8 has some basic and power key features which make it more amazing to keep its users satisfied. So below are some of its key features:                                                           


  • Polished aluminum frame, gorilla glass 5 front and rear, ip68 certified for water and dust resistance. Arctic silver, or child black sky, maple gold, and coral blue color.


  • 5’8” dual edge super amole, 2,960×1444p× CE solution, 18.5:9(2.66:1) aspect ratio, 570ppi, HDR 10 compliant.


  • 8 Mp AF
  • Rear
  • 12.0mp dual pixel


  • 4GB RAM, 64GB Storage.


  • Android 7.0 nougat; Bixby virtual assistance


Product dimension (inches)



  • 3,000mAh limbo (sealed): Adophuo fast charging; quick charge 2.0 supper; wpcs pmn wireless charging.

Advantage of Samsung Galaxy S8

It has a large screen and good (the best so far) picture quality to data. With a new autofocus front camera for better, clearer selfies. Also, it has the latest and fastest Snapdragon processor.

  • Superior screen
  • Autofocus front camera
  • Faster processor

Superior Screen

When it comes to Galaxy S8 superior screen, it’s the world first infinity display as it stretches from edge to edge. Also, since this is built by the biggest Smartphone brand. I believe there is more to come in the future as the company progresses to satisfy its beloved customer.

Autofocus Front Camera

The galaxy s8 takes nice and wonderful photos even when it comes to low light. Its new autofocus front camera takes bright and sharp selfies, even with multiple image processing. It’s fast enough to catch just about anything. And with its Bixby vision, it’s smart enough to understand what it sees.

Faster Processor / GS8 Performance

The Galaxy S8 faster processor or the GS8 performance is powered by the latest generation Snapdragon processor; which makes the GS8 give you faster response times, smoother graphics and easy download. It has more biometric security options, and it’s the first Smartphone to have Bluetooth with 5.00 Deux. It has the ability to turn itself into a desktop computer. And with top IP68 water resistance rating. It means you don’t need to worry if it gets wet or falls inside a bowl of water.

CONCLUSION For The Samsung Galaxy S8

So if you are one of the Samsung fans, or you just are on the lookout for a phone to upgrade your style. It could even be that you want to get the best Android Smartphone that you can switch over to from an iPhone. Whatever the case is, this is the best catch you can have. Samsung Galaxy S8 which is currently one of the best Android Smartphone in the year 2017 is the perfect gadget you need!