Snapchat Photo, Video And Messaging App – Features of Snapchat Multimedia App And Website

Snapchat is a global multimedia social messaging app, which created by Evan Spiegel, Reggie Brown and Bobby Murphy. The media Snapchat, users also identify it as SC or Snap. The key people behind this media app invention formed a student at the University of Stanford. What this media app is all about it that; it helps to connect users from a different region with photos and videos. These people come together to view other Snapchat users funny photos and video making it interesting to everyone. Also, the Snapchat app allows users to share other user’s photos and videos. One of the principal features about Snapchat is that it helps users to interact with virtual stickers and also supplement reality objects.


The Snapchat app is a well-designed media for any users to access it, user’s safety is assured. On a daily basis, users do upload 100,000 videos and photos, which can be seen on the Snapchat story page. A user can find other Snapchat user’s video or photos amazing, interesting and funny, and they would want more. The user can follow or subscribe to that Snapchat user to always get updated whenever the user does an upload. Sometimes Snapchat does recommend other users as mutual friends between the user or one of the user’s friends. Well, it advisable for users to only accept a friend request from only people they know as friends. Otherwise, the users may disturb you asking you lot of question and others. So only add people you know as friends or who you can trust.

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Features Of Snapchat Multimedia App And Website

There are lots of amazing features on the Snapchat social media app. Even if users find other users annoying they still won’t want to leave the media, because of this amazing feature it has. Why do you think I said because of the amazing and wonderful features which Snapchat has users won’t want to leave? Let see;

  • Well, users can delete their snap chat account, in other to create a new one.
  • Like I said before about safety, Snapchat will only suggest friends for you that friends of friends.
  • It allows any users who make use of the app to upload videos and photos.
  • Users can as well share Snaps of other users to their wall or to friends.
  • It offers users to block anyone on the app. You can prevent someone from chatting with you or contacting you by blocking the person.
  • It allows users to do live videos with any users, in other for the user to know and see the face of the person they are chatting with.
  • Users can see updates on news, what is going on worldwide.
  • With the snap chat website, users can promote their brand and product to reach out to a lot of people.

With all these amazing features on the snap chat app and website, I don’t think a user would want to delete their snap chat app just because of what a friend said to them. They can always block that user with the blocking feature.