Subreddit – What Does Subreddit Mean – How to Create a Reddit Community

Many users who have an account on don’t really know much about all the features on the platform. For every member or user on this platform. They need to know more about the website and how it can be used. Users who upload content daily still don’t know what they are doing. They don’t know where their post or content goes to after they finish uploading them. Users might have heard of subreddit, it’s a board where all your post or content goes after you finish uploading them.


What Does Subreddit Mean?

A Subreddit is a category or a subsidiary threads within the Reddit website. The subreddit allows a Reddit user to focus particularly on their topic or interest in posting their content. Which get voted up or down by other Reddit users, depending on what is applicable and the user’s preference.

After the Reddit website was created by two University Virginia students. In the early years of the millennium. Reddit came up with an idea on how to present content to a specific community of users interest. Within the Reddit homepage, numerous subreddits point people to a specific area of the site that suit the interest of the users. For example, they may be a subreddit for technology, one chemistry, biology, and physics, or one for politics and news.

How to Create a Reddit Community

Reddit doesn’t allow users who their Reddit account is not up to 30 days old, to create a subreddit of your own. Users account must be up to 30 days old and have enough positive karma create a Reddit community. To create a subreddit;

  • Go to the Reddit homepage, at the top left side of the page. You would see a button called “create community” or “create your own subreddit”.
  • Full in the detail required, what you want to name your community, what category it specified on, and soon.
  • When creating the Reddit community users will see full detail required to create a subreddit.

Now that you know where your content goes after finishing uploading them. Why don’t go ahead and upload more and put them in the category of interest?