What are the PayPal Payment Types to Send Money

What are the PayPal Payment Types to Send Money

There are different types of payment system which PayPal offers to very of it users who does want to send money online. It either the PayPal users want to send money for purchase or to make a payment to someone for personal reasons. Well, PayPal does offers every of it users two (2) different type of payment when making purchase. Below are the payment types;

What are the PayPal Payment Types to Send Money

PayPal Payment Types to Send Money For Goods and Services

PayPal Payment for Goods Purchase

Users can make use of the Goods Purchase Payment when they want to receive money from a customer on eBay. They can select the goods payment for an item they didn’t buy on eBay.

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PayPal Payment for Services

Users can make use of the PayPal payment services when they are not making purchase for an item or product. They can make use of it for services like for example, when someone performs a work for you.

Well, user being a seller, PayPal chargers the seller to pay small amount of fees to receive any payment form the customer.

PayPal Payment Types to Send Money to a Friends or Family Member

Well, for users who do send payment for personal reason, below are the types of payment which it includes;

Personal Payment for Gift

Users can make use of the Gift Payment option whenever you are sending a gift for a birthday or for special occasion for someone.

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PayPal Payment Owed

Users can make use of the PayPal payment owed option whenever they want to reimburse a friend for a share of a restaurant checks. Or they can use it to for paying of loan that a family member has been involved in.

Payment for Cash Advance

Users can make use of the PayPal Cash Advance Payment option whenever the money use are sending, it purpose isn’t for goods or services. However, the user card issuer will charge a small fee for cash advance.

PayPal Living Expense

Users can make use of the PayPal living Expense payment option to payment regularly, whenever sending payment for their expenses for house rent or utilities bills.

PayPal Other Payment Options

Users can select the PayPal payment “Other” options for anything which is covered for other payment types. However from the above PayPal payment types which were not listed on the PayPal payment options that have discuss about.

PayPal does allow every of it users to make personal payment to any other PayPal users in the U.S. for free. What PayPal require from users is that, they should make the enter payment they want to send with their PayPal balance or their bank account. However, PayPal does only charge users for a small amount of fees, which users uses with their Debit or Credit card.

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