Word Blitz – Cheats and Answers For Facebook Messenger Word Blitz Game

Do you know that you can actually play word blitz on Facebook for free?  In case you have not heard about word blitz before, it’s a fun word game where you are presented with lots of word puzzles to solve. This game is one of the best games to pass time for all the word puzzle fans with Facebook accounts. The goal to complete in the game is to find the correct spelling of each letter blocks to solve. Playing the Facebook word game, it means you have to have an account on Facebook. So, if you desperately want to play the game, you need to sign up first.

Word Blitz

The word blitz game has over five million players, and this should show you that the game is worthy of your time. Most of the people who have taken their time to play the game should be able to testify to that. Winning in the word blitz game requires that you match the correct spelling of the letter blocks. This game is really nice for kids, plus it does not contain any rude or vulgar words. The game helps you to increase your vocabulary skills, thinking capacity and speed. Plus you can play the game where ever you wish to play it.

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How to Play the Word Blitz on Facebook

Playing the Facebook word blitz game is not so complicated. Well, it is very easy to play the word game on the Facebook platform, because users do make use of the Facebook instant game feature. You can decide to play the game through Facebook web or probably download the Gameroom app and play it using the app. Also, Facebook allow users to play the word game on their messenger app with friends and other word game players. Steps on how to play the game is stated below:

Play the Word Game On Facebook Messenger App

  • First open Messenger;
  • Then Sign in to your messenger app, once you are done with that, open a chat.
  • Tap on the game icon located at the top.
  • Once the game page opens, search for the Word blitz game and when you find it, click play to start playing.

Play the Wold Game On PC

  • Log in to your Facebook account using your web browser, click the search bar and enter Facebook Word blitz.
  • Click the game icon once you see it
  • And finally click on play.

And that is all you need to play the Facebook word blitz game.

Facebook Messenger Word Blitz Cheats

Playing the game with this cheat makes you undefeatable. All you have to do is go to www.findtheword.info and in all the words in all the word you would see in the box as fast as you can. Start matching the alphabet it displays for you. And with this, you are on your way to the top of the leader board.

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