Yabatech Part Time ND & HND 2020/2021 Acceptance Fee Payment

All new registered part time student for YABA College of Technology Lagos State, who has seen their name on the Yabatech part time admission list, it means you are now a Yabatech Babtech Fresher. The users do need to take other steps which would help complete your admission process. Student need to make payment for their acceptance fee, and provide some few documents.

Yabatech Part Time

Yabatech Part Time – How to Make Payment for Yabatech Acceptance fee

It is very and fast for any student who already got an admission for their desired department on YABA College of Technology Lagos State. Follow the below step to pay for acceptance fee;

Generate Acceptance Fee Invoice

Yabateh part time student who are able to generate an invoice for acceptance fee, it means your name was uploaded successfully. Then the student can go to any of the school café to make payment for their acceptance fee. Note, student who do try to generate invoice for their acceptance fee, and it’s say “Contact CITM’ it does means your name is not yet activated. Users don’t need to panic, it in process, just keep checking or trying, until you are able to generate an invoice. Well, in the main time the student can visit the school for their registration.

Requirement Need for Student to Complete their Registration

For any Yabatech part time there are document you need to submit to complete your registration process. Below are the necessary document student needs to submit to be uploaded to the school portal.

  • Their birth certificate, a photocopy is needed.
  • Original WACE/NECO result. You might me needing to submit the original or a photocopy of any.
  • Student do need to collect their secondary school testimonial.
  • A reference letter from a lawyer.
  • A reference letter from a pastor

This will be given to you by the person who registered you.

  • Your acceptance fee receipt.
  • Biodate.
  • O’level verification receipt.

If you won’t be able to generate invoice for your acceptance fee, kindly visit the school and ask for Mr.Seyi. Well, they have been news that all Yabatech Part Time student can start lectures, even if they haven’t pay for acceptance fee or provided other necessary documents. Not only that, some department for YABATECH session of ND 1 student lecture has started.

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