Yahoo Mail App – Features and Benefits of the Yahoo App

Yahoo Mail App? Yahoo mail stands as one of the most popular email services in the world today with over 281 million users. While email services such as Prodigy, CompuServe and AOL came earlier, yahoo mail, since its advent in 1997 has become one of the leading services of email due to its excellent and easy-to-use features, hence a very large number of active users. Yahoo has a mobile app that allows users to integrate multiple accounts at once. And get rid of passwords each time they need to access their emails. Yahoo Mail App This Yahoo mail app connects with Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Through the connection with your social media accounts. The Yahoo mail app pulls the photos and contact information of people that send you emails. In the case of adding more than one account. Yahoo app pulls photos from Flickr so that every account has an avatar image, or at least, an initial.

The Benefit of Yahoo Mail App For Android

The Yahoo mail app is available on both Android and iOS devices. Based on the demo, the Yahoo app comes in very handy and easy-to-use, swiping right marks a message as read. A left swipe deletes your message, if you long press, you can select multiple messages. The Yahoo app makes provision for users to send photos and emails right inside the message rather than an attachment at the bottom. It is also very possible for users to send email reminders to themselves by holding the compose button down.

Another reason why the app is admirable is it sets all your email accounts in one location where you can have access to read, search and respond to with ease. There is also room for personalization of the functionality and look to fit your desired needs.

There are so many features of the yahoo mail app that makes it intuitive and easy to use. Some notable ones among them are;

Smart Search

You can find everything you need within the yahoo mail app. Search by a name or keyword across all your accounts, even to your folders and sort out the results by photos, emails or files.

Personalized Functions, Messages, and Themes

Users can control the functions of the app features such as left and right swiping, change files to attachment or include them in the body of messages while composing and choose from a number of themes, the one that best suits your preference.

Access to Latest News On The Yahoo Mail App

Get updates on news ranging from entertainment, politics and even breaking news by tapping on the news icon to enable you to get a notification even when not on the app.

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