Yahoo Search Engine – Different Types of Yahoo Search Bar

Yahoo is an online web service popularly known for sending and receiving emails. Yahoo, however, is more than just sending and receiving emails, there are a lot of things you could also on Yahoo. Some of its features include the Yahoo search engine, Yahoo answers, group chat, and messenger. The Yahoo search engine employs a very powerful search algorithm to provide a list of web pages based on the keyword entered by the user. The search engine makes it possible for users to find whatever they are looking for faster and easier. Yahoo offers a variety of search services which makes it one of the most recognized search engines in the world. Yahoo search for web, news, directory, image, product, and yellow pages.

Yahoo Search

Different Types of Yahoo Search Bar

Let’s take a minute to look at some of these Yahoo searches.

Yahoo Web Search

The Yahoo web search, powered by Yahoo slurp basically lists a set of web pages related to what the user entered.

Yahoo News

Just as the name implies, this section is meant for searching anything pertaining to news and other news-related content.

Yahoo Directory

This search entry basically lists out the related webpage to the keyword entered by the user.

Yahoo Image

You can use this search section to browse for pictures and graphics on the web.

Yahoo Product

Here, you search for items and merchandise together with the users’ reviews around the web.

Yahoo Yellow Pages

This search section is used for browsing relevant local businesses in a particular area.

Let’s Share Some Basic Tips to Help You Have a Quick and Productive Search;

  • Make your search specifically as possible; this can help cut down your search results to be more relevant in reference to what you searched for. For example, if you want to get information about how to grow flowers, type something like “tips on grooming flowers”, rather than just typing “flowers”.
  • Avoid using ambiguous words
  • You can use yahoo suggested keywords too, to help you list results that are relevant to your search.
  • Use quotation marks in cases where you are searching for specific phrases on the web. For example, if you are looking for articles or site that contain the phrase “carpe diem”, make sure you put it in quotations to help filter out less relevant results
  • You can make multiple searches at once by using OR (in capital letters). Say you want to search for the latest action or adventure movies on Netflix, type “latest action OR adventure movies on Netflix”.

Yahoo search has been around for a while even before Google. And it’s still very active and remains among the top 5 search engines in the world today.

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