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Zales Credit Card – Apply for Zales Card | Zales Credit Card Login

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The Zales diamond store card is issues by the Comenity Capital Bank. Apply now for Zales credit card and pay later, to get special financing zero down offer on every purchase that more or above $300. The Zales credit card has different special financing plan for you to choose that suit your style. Zale’s offers every cardholder with four (4) different financing options to choose from when using it diamond credit card.

Zales Credit Card - Apply for Zales Card | Zales Credit Card Login

Zale’s diamond credit card has a 6 Month payback period for financing, with minimum purchase of $300. Which comes with 0% of interest rate if fully paid back with in 6 months.

12 Month payback period for financing, with minimum purchase of $750. With 0% of interest rate if cardholder pay back fully within 12 months.

Zale’s credit card 18 Month payback period for financing worth $3000 minimum purchase. With interest rate of 0% if paid back within 18 months.

Zales diamond card has 36 Month payback period for financing which worth $1500 minimum purchase. With an APR (Annual Purchase Rate) of 9.99% for 36 months. Additional purchase APR of 29.99%.

Note for the Zales diamond credit card 6, 12, and 18 Month of financing payback period. If purchase balance is not paid in full, interest would be charged from cardholder account.

Benefit of Zales Credit Card

The Zale’s Credit Card, comes with an extraordinary and exclusive benefits when you apply now and get approved with a few moments.

  1. Every Zale’s diamond credit cardholder get 50% off for every purchased made within birthday month.
  2. Get 10% off when you repair or service today and forever on jewelry.
  3. Zales cardholders get exclusive offers on their inbox on coupons. Also on reminder emails on credit card inspection and cleaning.
  4. Best standard delivering ever, free standard shipping for all diamond purchased with you Zales diamond card.

Apply now, get approved within some moment and get your new card delivered to you with 7 to 10 business working days.

How to Apply for Zales Diamond Credit Card

The Zales Credit Card don’t have an application, to get the Zales Diamond Card. You will have to sign  up for an account. The you can pay your Bill anytime with your Zales diamond debit card.

To Apply for Zales Card:

  1. Go to URL zales.com/credit-card.
  2. Click on the “Apply” button.
  3. On the Zales register or create an account page.
  4. Enter you first and last name.
  5. Provide your Email Address.
  6. Enter you mobile phone number.
  7. Then create a password.
  8. Now click on the “Create Account” button.

Note, for fast and easy registration, you can use the “Join with Another Account”. Using your Facebook account or Google account. Your Zale’s Credit Card will arrive on your mail within the period of 7-10 business days, starting from the day You create your account.

Zales Credit Card Login

The Zales Credit Card login, let you access your Diamond Credit Card to manage your credit account and to pay your bill.

  1. Go to Zales create an account page.
  2. Then choose to Login with your Facebook account or Google account.

After which it will login you in to your Zales diamond card account, then you can now decide what to-do on your account. Either you manage you account, check you payment history. Or check the day or month left for tour payback period on Zales diamond card financing.

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